Strategic Consulting

The Strategic Consulting package is truly unique, because by activating this service, we will grant you one of our extremely qualified Managers with corporate marketing strategy and persuasive sales skills, in order to follow your company or your project in every detail, advising you on the best strategic choices to facilitate the fastest possible growth of your brand.

Key success factors (KSF) identification, unique selling proposition (USPs) creation and corporate competitive advantage explanation.

Full idealization, development and implementation of the most innovative and up-to-date e-commerce platform directly on our client’s website.

Presentation and identification of key CSR and sustainable strategies for our client, in order to maximize production via lower environmental impact.

Creation of persuasive sales campaigns and slogans using Cialdini’s principles of persuasion and truly unique Neuro-Programming Language (PNL) tactics, with the aim to increase sales quantity and frequency of our clients.

Indirect market research, benchmarking activities to analyse competitors, external factors analysis and complete market analysis via professional strategic tools.

Definition and assessment of the qualitative and quantitative objectives that the business must reach in the short and in the long term in order to spur our client’s growth.

Analysis of main targets, consumer profiles identification and calculation of market size via direct and indirect market research.

Identification of main and niche targeting strategies, and definition of your main target market, with the aim to maximize targeting tactics and identify new business opportunities for your firm

Creation of your new persuasive positioning statement, implementation of our famous perceptual map and identification of our client’s strategic positioning dimensions. 

Main strategy selection with niche tactics as well as a complete numerical Suitability, Feasibility, Acceptability analysis of the selected strategy, with the aim to lead our clients through a successful growth pathway.

Creation of main and unique branding strategies for your business, with customized storytelling and copywriting services included.

Cut-edge and top class CRM tactics to maximize our client’s customer retention, customer loyalty and customer satisfaction rates.

Creation of all strategic marketing mix elements of our client’s product.
Our seven marketing mix elements are product, pricing, distribution, promotion, physical evidence, process and people.

Creation of an integrated and persuasive communication strategy for our clients, both offline and online. This service is related to our PR Consulting & Press Office package. 

We calculate the total investment needed to improve your business. This service grants a professional financial budget service.

Full performance calculation of key indicators via numerical analysis, in order to track and maximize our client’s business performance.

We offer both primary and secondary data research methods. Primary data collection methods includes in-depth interviews.

Number of respondents to interviews depend upon the type of package.

1 month


-Choice of 4 items out of 17

-15 PowerPoint slides of strategic content per month
-Counselling sessions by telephone or Skype

6 months


- Choice of 8 items out of 17

- 20 PowerPoint slides of strategic content per month

- Counselling sessions by telephone or Skype

12 months


- Choice of 17 items out of 17 over 12 months

-30 PowerPoint slides of strategic content per month

- Counselling sessions by telephone, Skype or in-person